Implements handy wrapper to start FlashSocket server (if FlashSocket protocol is enabled). Shamesly borrowed from the SocketTornad.IO project.

class tornadio2.server.SocketServer(application, no_keep_alive=False, io_loop=None, xheaders=False, ssl_options=None, auto_start=True)[source]

HTTP Server which does some configuration and automatic setup of Socket.IO based on configuration. Starts the IOLoop and listening automatically in contrast to the Tornado default behavior. If FlashSocket is enabled, starts up the policy server also.

__init__(application, no_keep_alive=False, io_loop=None, xheaders=False, ssl_options=None, auto_start=True)[source]

Initializes the server with the given request callback.

If you use pre-forking/start() instead of the listen() method to start your server, you should not pass an IOLoop instance to this constructor. Each pre-forked child process will create its own IOLoop instance after the forking process.

Tornado application
Support keep alive for HTTP connections or not
Optional io_loop instance.
Extra headers
Tornado SSL options
Set auto_start to False in order to have opportunities to work with server object and/or perform some actions after server is already created but before ioloop will start. Attention: if you use auto_start param set to False you should start ioloop manually